Patient Testimonials

Dr. Smith took his time answering all of my questions.  I needed surgery ASAP, as I was leaving the area and moving out of the country.  So he got me in as soon as a week and now i am waiting for his release almost 6 weeks later.  I could not have asked for faster service.  This process has been great and his staff has been the the best and helped me in many ways.

H.Bazian, 2016

Dr. Smith was wonderful from my first visit to my last and will probably be for my future visits.

A. Hall, 2016

We appreciate all what Dr. Smith and his staff have done for us.  We have never met such a caring doctor like DR. Smith and we plan to tell everyone we meet about you and your staff.   Thank You so much!

B. Cotton, 2016

I was hesitant to have surgery, but SO GLAD AND THANKFUL that I now can reclaim my life back.  It was the best decision I have ever made.  Dr. Smith did a wonderful job and was very caring.

M. Falcoo, 2016

Everyone at Dr. Smiths office and Summit Medical Cener have been very kind and concerned.  Dr. Smith and Chelsea have both called me more than once to check in on me.  The other staff members have been very helpful in giving me information and answering my questions.

A. Roy, 2016

I had incredible pain.  Dr. Smith had me in the next day for surgery.  What a RELIEF!  I can't thank him enough.

L. Swain, 2016

Dr. Smith did an awesome job resolving my mystery problem.  He showed great compassion and he genuinely cared.  He and is staff always made me feel like they cared.  I would like to thank Dr. Smith for taking the time to actually listen to me.  I have been a patient now for 9years and if I ever need to have surgery again I will of course choose Dr. Smith to perform the surgery.

C.Rizo, 2016

Dr. Smith and his staff have been great from the begging and through out the whole procedure.  I have had such good care that I have recommended Dr. Smith to my friends and family.  There are not enough words of praise for Dr. Smith and his staff and what they are able to do, not just with problems I have had but with my everyday health and well being.

D. Siebert, 2016

He listened to me and I felt like he understood.  Where my other physician that performed my partial hysterectomy did not.  I appreciate his nurses caring attitudes and the comfortable exam rooms.  Thank you Dr. Smith you have no idea how grateful I am to you and your staff.

M. Bridge, 2016

I really enjoyed my appointment at Dr. Smith's.  I felt taken care of with sensitivity and responsibility of a professional.  Dr. Smith made my app. pleasant.  The nurses were very kind and caring.  The receptionist was courteous and very helpful.  Thanks for a comforting visit.  

N. M. Toloie, 12/29/15

The surgery I had with Dr. Smith was a success.  I have had NO Pain at all.  Thank goodness I found Dr. Jeffrey Smith.

S. Head, 12/16/15

Thank You All for your patience and dedication, I am so very grateful with all personnel of Summit but especially for Dr. Smith.  God Bless him and his staff.  

H. Brown, 12/12/2015

Dr. Smith was caring and compassionate.  He was straight to the point and clear.  His confidence and matter-of-fact attitude gave me reassurance.  I had no complications after my surgery.  This process has been an exceptional experience for what i was facing.  Thank You to Dr. Smith and the whole staff. 

J.G.C., 11/12/2015

I'm very pleased with Dr. Smith and his entire staff. I think he is a wonderful doctor. He is very nice. I am so glad my other doctor recommended Dr. Smith to me.

F. Turner, 10/26/2015

Dr. Smith is an exceptionally kind and considerate doctor. He did a very good job on my surgery. I am now feeling so much better. The staff at his office and at Summit Medical Center are also very helpful and considerate. I would be happy to recommend Dr. Smith to anyone!

L.B., 10/12/2015

Dr. Smith certainty shows compassion and understanding when problem situations arise.

S.J., 9/6/2015

Dr. Smith and his staff are very attentive at putting your anxiety at ease. The whole office does their very best to meet your needs from a phone call to the exam room. They are all the absolute best!

L. Holstead, 9/1/2015

When I was diagnosed with cancer Dr. Smith and his staff made me feel like I wasn't fighting this all on my own. He was caring, patient and informative at every visit. I can't imagine being take care of any better than I was by Dr. Smith, the staff and Summit Medical Center. I would and have recommended Dr. Smith to anyone.

D. Collins, 8/15/2015

I feel like I was treated with respect and that my well being was taken care of by Dr. Smith and his staff. If I had any problems or questions they were handled in a timely manner. Thank you for showing that you care and I will request any person of need of medical attention to go see Dr. Smith.

N.T., 7/22/2015

Dr. Jeffrey Smith was very professional and descriptive about my surgery. He addressed my concerns and was very considerate of my family as well. The Summit Medical Center staff were equally professional and kind to my family and I. After being released the next day, I needed no pain medication at all! Thank You Dr. Smith and Staff.

M. Sebestyn, 7/1/2015

I would highly recommend Dr. Smith to friends and family. Dr. Smith and his staff were very professional and knowledgeable. Thank You!

C. Wiley, 6/17/2015

You are the best! I try to get all my family and friends to come see you!

M. Coker, 5/21/2015

Awesome Staff! Always available to answer my questions, concerns and to make an appointment ASAP for my needs!

D. Satterwhite, 4/13/2015

My husband and I have been treated great when we have visited your office. We appreciate you taking such good care of me

K. Brady, 3/25/2015

I like the friendly and personal touch that Dr. Smith and your nurses and office staff give to me. I feel like you are their to help me get well!

L.O., 3/11/2015

I just can't say enough about how comfortable I feel at Dr. Smiths office. The entire staff are just great and very friendly. They are always there to help in every way possible. I give them two thumbs up, especially Dr. Smith!

V. Chaffin, 3/2/2015

I am very pleased with the service that i have received from Dr. Smith and his staff. I also was very pleased with the care that I received from Summit Medical Center. I will continue to see Dr. Smith in the future!

T. Hall, 2/22/2015

Dr. Smith is very caring. I really appreciated his phone calls the week following my surgery. Summit medical center is a very nice facility and all the nurses and staff were very caring.

D. Perigo, 2/17/2015

Dr. Smith took his time to explain the procedure and answered all my questions in depth. We thank him for this. He has compassion for his patients and it really comes across. The nursing staff Chelsea and Susan wen way out of their way to help me prepare for the surgery. Thank You!

I.W., 2/16/2015

Dr. Smith was by far the best Doctor I have ever had. He is always professional, knowledgeable and very helpful. I have never been more satisfied with my experience dealing with Dr. Smith and his staff.

A. Abouseada, 1/7/2015

I appreciate everyone for everything. Big thanks to the receptionists and nurses and Dr. Smith. Thank you for being compassionate and helping me with my claim for insurance. Dr. Smith is very compassionate caring doctor. I'm glad he was there to take care of me.

N. Meeks, 11/26/2014

I love going and seeing Dr.Smith. I'm so glad that my general doctor Sent me to Dr.Smith. He has fixed all my problems that I was having and I would highly recommend him to anyone that needs a good doctor. Thank You so much Doctor Smith.

A. Adkins, 12/31/2014

Dr. Smith places so much time and expertise with me as an individual and also takes valuable time to consult with each family member. He is never rushed or hurried when he has many patients waiting for him. You might have to wait awhile for him, but its defiantly worth the wait b/c you will get all your questions answered. All of my experiences have been positive and very thoroughly addressed. He is truly "One of the best specialists.

L.Crumb, 2014

Dr. Smiths office is a far drive for me, but well worth the drive!!!

L.C., 2014

Dr. Smiths office was efficient and timely. They were really helpful when I needed to change my return appointment due to the weather. Dr. Smith gave a really good explanation of what to expect. (Good Communication) After the surgery he gave us the good news that the cancer was contained and no I didn't need any further surgery. My care at Summit Medical Center was the best care I have ever received. All the nurses were caring and knowledgeable, which made me feel they all really cared about me. I was so happy to have such a wonderful doctor and would be happy to recommend him to anyone. I actually already have recommend him to a friend of mine.

T.H., 2014

He made me feel a lot better and he told me what he was going to do. Thank you for making me feel then times better. I will tell my friends and family about him and if I need any more surgeries it will be with Dr. Jeffrey J. Smith, MD

S.B., 10/10/2014

Dr. Smith was very thorough and seemed to be more focused, slowed down and overall spent a lot of quality time with me. He encouraged questions and gave clear answers. This was probably the BEST visit I've ever had w/ Dr. Smith. Great Job! I appreciate your great care and great staff that assists you!

K.R., 8/26/2014

Dr. Smith took the time to visit with you and my family. He didn't try to rush us out. He answered each concern that we had and told us what he would have to do. His staff is so caring as I was very scared. They tried to put me at ease.

C. Doyle, 8/21/2014

Dr. Smith is very kind and I felt much better, after his first post-op appointment and his telling me how well I was doing!! Thank You, Dr. Smith.

M. Compala, 7/30/2014

I appreciate all the staff and Dr. Smith for the friendly and helpfulness every time. Dr. Smith is someone I trust to answer questions and explanations of what is going on with my health. Thanks again.

Z. Holder, 7/18/2014


P.L., 7/10/2014

Best Medical Care I have received in Oklahoma City from any medical professional - Thank You

J.S., 6/23/2014

Brilliant job on surgery! Stayed on top of any complications and his staff stayed on the case! Excellent Care.

L.C., 6/13/2014

He listened to me and I felt like he understood. Where my other physician that preformed my partial hysterectomy didn't. I appreciate his nurses caring attitudes and the comfortable exam rooms. Thank you Dr. Smith you have no idea how grateful I am to you and your staff

M.Bridges, 5/30/2014

Fantastic service and caring staff. They don't make you feel like a number. Would recommend to anyone!

A.R., 5/9/2014

What has always impressed me about Dr. Smith is his genuine and compassionate demeanor with his patients. He seems to really care and he is kind and patient. This is what keeps me coming back year after year.

T.Roloff, 5/7/2014

Dr. Smith took the time to explain things to my family and they really appreciated that.

D.M., 4/16/2014

Dr. Smiths face to face comments were good. I thank my other doctor for sending me to Dr. Smith.

M.S., 4/16/2014

Dr. Smith was my doctor at the start of my journey with this dreadful disease "cancer". He has been and continues to be an exceptional physician. He TRULY cares for his patients. His office staff should give classes to some other physician offices on customer service. I appreciate each of them, and the cordial attitude that they reflect. I am thankful that I have Dr. Smith and associates to handle my medical conditions. I wish that they could understand how much they are appreciated. Those are NOT just words but true heartfelt thoughts!

P. Burnett, 3/12/2014

Thanks Dr. Smith and staff for being an outstanding facility. The care that I receive is always professional and outstanding. Special thanks to Linda, Susan and Chelsea for your exceptional kindness, care, and especially a bunch of smiles and laughter, which eases the stress. Thanks Dr. Smith for gyn care, listening, and compassionate heart! The best OB/GYN hands down!

R. McCarrell, 3/12/2014

Dr. Smith and his nursing personnel were very polite, helpful, made me feel at ease and treated me extremely well. I would highly recommend them to anyone. I am very pleased with my surgery and the outcome. Summit Medical Center in Edmond was great! Everyone was so NICE, HELPFUL, and RESPECTFUL. The care couldn't have been any better, they were all so nice and attentive. Thanks to all for taking such good care of me.

L. Schiller, 3/7/2014

I always feel like part of the family.

-C.H., 3/5/2014

I found every aspect of his personnel, and Dr. Smith to be concerned, helpful, and caring - Thank You. I have recommended all of you to my doctor in Weatherford - Dr. Long.

-K.Bringham, 3/5/2014

I was very pleased with everyone. I don't usually use a male physician for my gyn. I was so impressed with his manners. I was very nervous in general. He quickly calmed my nerves by actually talking with me. I have told many people how professional, kind and gentle he was. I appreciate him taking the time he did with me. I look forward to a continued relationship as it is necessary. I also loved the nurse. They clearly have worked well together for a long time.

-T.S., 2/11/2014

Dr. Smith seemed to have all the time in the world for me. I couldn't have asked for a better outcome.

-S. Beats, 2/6/2014

He Did a Great Job!

-B. Cole, 2/6/2014

I absolutely enjoyed dealing with Chelsea and Susan. I can't say enough good things about those 2 ladies. Dr. Smith was and is a very good doctor. I felt he really cared about his patients. I would suggest the Summit Medical Center to anyone needing surgery. The staff was very attentive and took care of all my needs.

---P.YS., 1/9/2014

All of the staff at Dr. Smith's office and Summit Medical Center were exceptional and made an otherwise uncomfortable experience very enjoyable. I wouldn't recommend anyone ELSE but DR. SMITH.

Ms. K. Young, 12-18-13

I have been a private patient of Dr. Jeffrey Smith for twenty four plus years. His knowledge and care for his patients are the utmost professionalism. Quality of care of both physician and staff are excellent. As always highly rated.

Thank You for all that you do for me and our family.

S. Simon, Nov. 6, 13

We really like Dr. Smith and his staff. We were able to understand what he was going to do before the surgery. We want to thank Dr. Smith for his fine work we really appreciated it.

Thank You

C. Westmoreland, 10/25/13

I will and have already recommended Dr. Smith to other women who have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and are facing a radical hysterectomy. The care I received by Dr. Smith and his wonderful staff at the clinic and Summit Medical Center was not only exceptional they were compassionate and personal... I was warned by other women who have had hysterectomy how painful they are, so my mom came from California to help me while I recovered. I had to next to No pain, no complications, and ended up having the best visit with my mother! I highly recommend Dr. Smith, his care is exceptional!

Thank you so very much

Ms. Brakefield, September 9, 13

This was a stressful time for us and Dr. Smith and his staff were very thorough, caring and professional. I also enjoyed the small personal atmosphere of Summit Medical Center. I 'm Feeling better now than I have in a long time!

Thanks to all

L. Demuth, September 3, 13

I have been seeing Dr. Smith for over 9 years and have not had an unpleasant experience at any time. I had a hysterectomy and have had not one problem. He always is friendly and very accessible- by phone, email, etc. I feel I am very fortunate to have him as my doctor as well as his staff.

---D.B., 8-21-13

Dr. Smith and his staff have always made me feel like my health is their first and only concern.

---S. Hoeme, July-26-13


---B. LAWS, MAY- 31-13

Dr. Smith has always made me feel very comfortable. I hate my yearly exam as well as any woman, but Dr. Smith is very professional and my anxiety about the procedure is almost zero

---C.T., 5-31-13

I have had good results with you. Your helpful staff have been real friendly and nice. I also had real good care at Summit Medical Center. You have all been excellent!

M.E., April 10, 2013

I feel Dr. Smith went above and beyond taking out 73 lymph nodes and also discovering the cancer in me. Even the chemo and radiation doctors were surprised. Nurse Betty at Summit Medical Center, I feel is the most amazing and awesome nurse ever. She was so helpful and sweet about everything. I have been SO thankful for Dr. Smith and all of his staff for taking such good care of me.


Ms. Hulet, 3-22-13

Dr. Smith had super great nurses at the Summit Hospital. Dr. Smith was great and I feel a lot better than before my surgery.

Thank You,

L.S., March 6-13,

Dr. Smith and Summit Surgery Center is just two faboulas places. And they show so much care and concern for everyone. In my book they do not come any better.

Thank You a Lot

B. Lambert, 2-20-13

Hi, my name is Hillie Payton. I was diagnose of having cervical cancer back in 2005. I was referred to Dr. Jeffrey Smith, and was told he was the very best in the field. He was courteous and knowledgeable from our very first visit. Any questions I had were answered and I felt I was part of the solution and not left out of the loop. Dr. Smith promptly got me stated on chemotherapy and radiation. THANKS to Dr. Smith I have been cancer free for 7 years. I would highly recommend him to everybody. I have to say THANK YOU to all of the nurses and the office staff they made me feel so comfortable. THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!

Ms. Payton, 1-30-13

Dr. Smith and his staff made having uterine cancer a calm, forward-looking experience. I've never felt better. They are a great, professionally, superior team of professionals and very caring people to boot. Doing extra repairs at the time of the surgery made my husband a happy fella. Thanks for the very close follow-up to my cancer that you provide. I have no fear, as a result

L. Dishman, January-30-13

I was recently referred to Dr. Jeffrey J. Smith for a serious medical problem. Dr. Smith made an time in my life bearable by explaining exactly what the problem was and how it could be solved. He was personable but professional through-out the procedure.

My post-op care in Summit Medical Center was great. The nurses were very attentive and although I had no pain after surgery, which was surprising, they made sure I was comfortable. If I rang for a nurse, one was there in a few minutes.

The hospital is small and its friendly, informal atmosphere was not intimidating, but the rooms are large and easily accommodates an overnight visitor to stay with the patient.

Overall, Dr. Smith, his staff, Summit Medical Center, and the nurses made my surgical experience less apprehensive. I really appreciate their care and concern.


Ms. Ervin, 11-9-12

Dr. Smith Thanks for being who you are and doing what you do. YOU’RE APPRECIATED more than you know. Thank you for taking me as a new patient and for working your busy schedule around my surgery. Thank you for being so very kind and caring to me. You have a great staff that reflects your caring heart.

--Ms. Meddings, 2012

I was very pleased with the treatment from Dr. Jeffrey Smith. I had a tumor and ovarian cancer. As one of Jehovah’s Witnesses he listened to what I had to say and gave me an informed choice of alternatives. He respected my rights as a patient, and as a person. I highly recommend him as a physician and surgeon.

Ms. Simms, 2012

Dr. Smith and his entire staff, along with everyone involved with my care at Summit Medical Center, provided me the highest quality of care and attention that anyone could hope for. This is especially true considering the fact that following my first surgery for cervical cancer, I took a turn for the worse. NOT because of the surgery, but due to a number of bowel blockages that required another surgery 16 days later. Dr. Smith and all others at Summit Medical Center made that second surgery a success and pulled me through a very rough recovery by giving me their complete and heartfelt attention at all times and by using their excellent grasp of medical knowledge and experience to make sure I received the best of everything they had to give. And the result of their work and dedication is a cancer free and fully functional me, at home and very confident in recommending Dr. Smith, his staff and Summit Medical Center's facility and staff to anyone who is looking for competent, quality care.

-- Ms. L. Burkhart, 10-15-12

I have been very pleased with the care I have received from Dr. Smith. I think Dr. Smith is very knowledgeable and is up to date on medical issues. Dr. Smith is very personable and easy to communicate with. I think he is a GREAT DOCTOR!

Ms. Campbell, 7-10-12

I have great admiration for Dr. Jeffrey J. Smith. His knowledge for medicine and understanding of cancer has a great impact on people’s life’s. If not for Dr. J.J. Smith I truly believe I would not be here today to thank him each time I have a checkup appointment. His compassion for medicine for being the type of doctor he is and always wanting to know and understand the devastating effects cancer has on people. This is why he can perform the surgery he does and not only save people but make a GREAT impact on their life. He also has the most Beautiful Smile and wonderful bedside manner. And always makes you feel so comfortable and pays so much attention to his patients as myself when I want to visit. He has time for everyone and never hurries.

Thank You for Being My Doctor!

Ms. Feexico, 6-29-12

I am very pleased with my entire experience with the office of Dr. Smith. All aspects of my experience post-operative to aftercare and referral for SottoPelle have been exceptional.

--Ms. Allen, 6-29-12

Dr. Jeffrey Smith is the only doctor who said “CALL ME DAY OR NIGHT” and he gave me his cell phone number. He actually cares about you. I have seen many doctors through my bout with cancer and Dr. Smith is outstanding. Way above most; his office staff is also wonderful. They are very helpful.

-Ms. Schovanec, 6-12-12

When I first visited Dr. Smith, I was an extremely nervous patient. I had a bad experience about 13 years ago from a previous surgery and nearly died. Dr. Smith and his staff quickly changed my perception as he and all his staff made me feel at ease. From the receptionists, to the nurses, to Dr. Smith, I received exceptional care. With regards to my treatment he and his staff talked me through each step of the way, from pre-op to post-op. This was literally the first time I have left a doctor’s office without needing to call back for more questions to be answered, especially when having surgery. They are so organized and thorough; I wouldn't want to go anywhere else for my gynecologic care. I am delighted with the results from my surgery Dr. Smith performed and haven’t felt this good in years. Thank you Dr. Smith and staff, you're the best.

The care I received at Summit Medical in Edmond where my surgery was done, was fabulous. I felt like I had my own private nurse the whole time. The entire experience was much better than I ever could have expected.

Thanks again,

Ms. Pittman, 6-9-12

Dr. Jeffrey J. Smith, Thank you so much for a very successful outcome to a surgery I was dreading. There wasn’t any of that big hospital fee. You have a great staff and lovely office. I appreciate your sense of humor and you were very informative about what was going to happen. I will be happy to recommend you to anyone in the future. I am very happy with the results of the surgery that I have needed for quite awhile. Thank You.

Ms. Taylor, 5-25-12

I am so very happy with all the care I have received at the office and at Summit Medical Center. Everyone has so much compassion for each patient. There is no hurry to be out of the office at all. Phones calls are returned promptly. I am made to feel like a patient not a number for money. I am so glad that I choose to have Dr. Smith as my cancer Doctor. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. My favorite part is when we all laugh together when we can, it makes the visit all that more wonderful. Love him and his staff!!

--Ms. Harvesting, 5-3-12

I would get on a billboard for Dr. Smith! I had never in my entire life had a doctor call me the night before surgery to see if I had any questions. It may seem like a small gesture to some people but to take time out of a very busy schedule and call your patients is just about at the top of the list. Quick and quality treatment is another reason that Dr. Smith is one of the greatest doctors that I have ever used. He guarantees to see you within one week after a doctor referral. I was in horrible pain. I went to that stupid OU Medical Center and had a doctor that I could barely understand. Every time that I went to OU, I got a different story from the same doctor. I had a bad pap smear and that stupid OU doctor made me drive 100 miles to get the results. I got my biopsy report and went to Dr. Smith and had surgery before the lady doctor at OU could do me a BIG favor and get me an appointment with her "friend" that would have to do one of the surgeries. I went to Dr. Smith and he did IT ALL before my next appointment with another specialist. Then I had some bad luck when I went back for my checkup. I had another growth. Dr. Smith's SHARP eye noticed it very quickly. He did the biopsy immediately not 2 or 3 weeks later. When they called me to give me the biopsy report, he and his office had my next surgery to remove the carcinoma growth scheduled within one week.. If you want something fixed CORRECTLY, CONFIDENTLY AND QUICKLY, Dr. Smith is the man! He is awesome!!! Another wonderful quality is that he gives you his personal cell phone number to call if you have any problems! You don't get after hour operators to relay the message after the weekend. This man is the most wonderful doctor in the entire state of Oklahoma if not the United States or world. I trust him with my entire life and will until I don't have a breath in my body! The Summit Hospital that he uses is awesome! It only has 14 beds and you get one on one service. The nurses and staff at Summit are ALMOST as wonderful as Dr. Smith! He is a down to earth, honest and hardworking man! If anyone has problems, I would recommend you, Dr. Smith! Keep up the good work and I will keep singing your glories!!!

This is not a PAID advertisement!!! I can't write enough good things about Dr. Smith, his staff and the hospital that he uses!

Beverly Whitworth,5-3-12

It has been over five months since my surgery and diagnosis of ovarian cancer, and I am doing well. I am THANKFUL for those responsible for my recovery. First of all, I had the BEST possible surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Smith. This is not just my opinion, but I have learned it is shared by professionals in the field of Oncology. Not only does he have outstanding surgical skills, but also treated me and my family with kindness, compassion, and respect. He has always taken the time for consultations, and to answer my questions in terms I could understand. My surgery was performed at the Summit Medical Center where I received excellent personal care. I could not have been more pleased with my time at the facility. Dr. Smith along with the nurses and office staff have made this difficult experience more bearable and they have all been a source of comfort to us. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND, WITHOUT HESITATION, Dr. Jeffrey Smith and the Summit Medical Center.

Sincerely, J. Wrather, 5-3-12

At 45 years old, I have been in perimenopause for more than 10 years. It started with painful, abnormal and irregular periods that lasted for weeks. It evolved over the years and until recently my symptoms included (but were not limited to): depressed mood, low energy, social isolation (I used to be very social, I think this was due to the previously mentioned symptoms), complete and total lack of libido, hot flashes, night sweats, forgetfulness, mood swings, anxiety, inability to concentrate, insomnia, extreme weight gain, hair loss, vaginal dryness, and a few other things no one ever told me about that I’m too embarrassed to say. When asked how I felt, I would normally say I felt as though I was a 70-year-old person. For years I’ve felt I was far too young to feel so bad. (In addition to the symptoms I mentioned, I have also been a chronic back pain patient for years, and had been having fibromyalgia symptoms for the past two years.)Dr. Jeffrey Smith is the first Gyn doctor I’ve been to who DIDN'T chuckle at me and dismiss my long list of symptoms by saying, it’s all a part of getting older. In fact, he said; We can do something about this! and he has. I started with hormone shots but moved on at Dr. Smith’s suggestion to what I would consider the Mercedes-Benz of Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT), SottoPelle. I thought this must be a new technology since I had never heard of it before, so I was surprised to learn that bio-identical pellets have been used successfully since the 1930s! With the hormone replacement therapy, I have experienced such a significant improvement in every symptom area that I am amazed. I had no idea that hormone deficiency could have such an effect on a persons body & mind, and I have been utterly delighted with the results. Dr. Smith promised me that I would feel much better soon, and he was 120% correct. Within a few days I noticed a reduction in my hot flashes/night sweats, and they’ve almost stopped completely. Within a couple weeks, I noticed a huge change in every symptom I’ve mentioned. My energy level improved greatly. I even started working out (and loving it!!) a first since my days in the military in my 20s. Before BHRT I would joke with my doctors that I was allergic to exercise, but in reality my body could not tolerate expending that much energy or the related pain! My insomnia has improved dramatically and I can sleep without medication. My moodiness has been replaced with the cheerful disposition I enjoyed throughout my 20s. I wake up in the morning ready to tackle the day. Before the therapy, I could have cared less if I ever had sex again; I am very happy to report this condition has been reversed! I’ve lost 10 pounds so far and I am on track to continue this trend. My ability to concentrate at work and on the things I need to do to run a household have noticeably improved. Ive started participating in social events again. I even (and quite unexpectedly) have had such a significant decrease in the amount of chronic pain that I asked my pain management doctor to decrease my medications! In fact, I was able to cut the dosage in half so far and I hope to continue that trend. Its not just me imagining all these changes either; the people I work with have started to make complimentary comments on my attitude, cheerfulness and weight loss. I will never again be without the SottoPelle BHRT if I can help it. At first I thought I couldn’t afford it on my salary, but after experiencing the dramatic and positive difference it makes in my life, I can’t afford NOT to have it. It was an easy decision when it makes me feel so alive, productive and vibrant again. Dr. Smith and BHRT have drastically improved my quality of life and I’m excited by the prospect of living again. Dr. Smith is an extremely caring physician who listens and responds quickly and appropriately and I am so grateful to him for giving me my life back! One more thing I would like to mention is that I’ve never met any staff in any medical treatment facility (and I’ve been to a lot) who are more PLEASANT, CHEERFUL, PROFESSIONAL, AND DOWNRIGHT ENJOYABLE TO DEAL WITH. I am literally over-the-moon with Dr. Smith and his staff, and with the caring, result-oriented treatment he is providing me.

Melissa D. (patient since April 2012)

I had Novasure procedure 15 days ago today, prior to that my normal menstrual was irregular and very heavy for the last several years being 42 I expected some of the changes but not to this EXTREME. Thus far after the procedure things are GREAT! I would recommend Novasure to any other female friends or family. Thank You Dr. Smith and your great staff and the office and hospital.

--Ms. Fox, 8-18-09

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